Attila The Hun – Meet The Man

Attila the Hun ruled from 434-453 A.D. and hailed from the modern lands of central and eastern Europe. He was not a founder of Rangers football club as is commonly rumoured although, if alive today, would probably support Servco as they are now known. He did succeed in wreaking havoc across Europe but failed to entirely conquer the lands he invaded. His reign of terror throughout both western and eastern Roman Empires is the stuff of legend and nightmare. But perhaps Attila had mummy issues and was not loved enough as a child. It may be that if the Roman Emperor has just embraced Attila and told him he mattered, then a lot of bloodshed and death could have been avoided. No one is sure as to when he was born. It has been suggested that it was 406. Perhaps a lack of a birthday was what pissed him off.

When he died, the Hunnic Empire fell apart, much to the relief of the squelchy Emperors and Kings of Europe and Asia. He is remembered as one of the most brutal leaders of European history. However, this may be an unfair representation as Europeans historians had a vested interest in portraying Attila so negatively. Brutal dictators were ten for a pound in those times, and the Romans were little better when they got upset. Whatever about Attila’s conduct, his name has lived on in world history when many others have fell by the wayside.

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