Israeli Propaganda Machine Employs Sickening New Spin

Israel is renowned for its commitment to propaganda. Such is the Israeli determination to control every narrative that relates to the Palestinian Crisis that the rogue Zionist state manages to make Nazi Germany look like a school project.

Jewish humanitarians are described as ‘self-hating Jews’. Civilians are labelled terrorists. Disabled protesters are termed a ‘threat to national security’. Now we have protesters on the Right to Return March being portrayed as ‘human shields’.

Israel knows what it is doing in terms of public perception. It is being assisted by a compliant and morally vacuous western media who clamber to appease that rogue state. Information is power. Zionism has long known this. That is why they work so fervently to manipulate the news feeds that reach the eyes and ears of a hoodwinked western populace.

Israel can be defeated. But only if the Zionist media is broken down. Should the people receive the truth about the Palestinian Crisis, then they will certainly side with Palestine. The challenge is bypassing the MSM and presenting the truth to the world.

Israel is terrified of that truth. Palestine has nothing to fear and everything to gain. The path forward is obvious.

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