Roman Abramovich Becomes Israeli Billionaire Citizen

So we get to see the true colours of Abramovich. The billionaire Russian Jew has had some problems with his UK visa and so has decided to decamp to the rogue Zionist state. It is a measure of how corrupt Israel is when a Russian oligarch has greater rights to reside in that part of Occupied Palestine than the refugees of Gaza, many of whom were born in the place now known as Israel, before they were ethnically cleansed.

Israel shoots dead those with a legitimate entitlement under international law to move back to their homes, yet welcomes a Russian emigre who refuses to go home. There you have Zionism in a nutshell, demonstrated in the actions of an uber-wealthy nut.

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2 Responses

  1. These people have no conscience. If I were a Chelsea supporter, I wouldn’t give another penny to the club until this jumped up little tosser relinquishes his investment. Let’s be right, he thieved his wealth from the Russian people so he won’t concern himself with the misery he is inflicting on to the Palestinians. He’s a parasite, it’s as simple as that.

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