US Students Being Bullied By Friends Of Israel

As pressure mounts on the rogue state of Israel to comply with international standards of decency, it can be seen how the Zionist state is ramping up its attacks on those at the forefront of any humanitarian efforts to oppose Israeli indiscretions.

BDS activists are being targeted. Politicians are being singled out and intimidated. Human rights groups are being threatened.

In the following article, the Jewish activist group, Mondoweiss, looks at the manner in which pro-Palestinian students in the US are being harangued and browbeaten by fanatical supporters of the Levant supremacist regime. It is yet one more sign that Israel has begun to see that the writing is on the wall. As the Zionist gerrymander becomes more isolated and its injustices highlighted, it adopts a more aggressive and uber-defensive position. However, that can only go so far before they break.

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