Israeli War Cabinet Meeting In Underground Bunker?

Observers of Israel will be horrified to read of how the Zionist cabinet has now decamped to an underground bunker in Jerusalem to hold future meetings. Given their attacks on both Syrian and Iranian targets, and taking into consideration the Israeli arrogance and blood-lust in coldly executing Palestinian demonstrators in Gaza of late, it can be speculated that the rogue state is gearing up for a major regional conflict. Ensuring that the cabinet is practiced in holding its meetings in a newer and more secure location is just one more preparation.

Of course, given the presence of the Russians in the Middle East, and allowing for the fact that NATO is certainly out to provoke the Bear, we can only gaze in disgust as the warmongers of the West (and their Israeli pitbull) place their pieces on the board to make ready for yet another global conflict. This is one time that Rebel Voice hopes to be proved wrong.

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2 Responses

  1. Yes Rebel Voice… we all want to hope this is not the case, but we all know deep down this will be the case, in one form or another, sooner or later… that is where the warmongers are heading with an unprecedented level of heedlessness.

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