NSA Increases Spying Rates On US Citizens

Any moves by government to increase the surveillance of citizens must be regarded with both suspicion and caution by all who are aware of the future pitfalls of such measures. After all, it said that absolute power corrupts absolutely for a reason.

Should the public sit aback whilst their civil liberties are being gradually eroded, they may wake one day to find that said liberties are not so easy to restore. When state authorities spy on their people, they claim it is for the good of the nation. In fact, it is like closing the stable door after the horse has bolted.

The key to creating fair and peaceful societies is not more surveillance or police power, but in shaping and enacting policies of equality and egalitarianism. Citizens who are content do not cause problems. They do not rebel. They do not riot. Happy workers feel no discontentment in their workplace. They have a stake in society.

It is Capitalism that breeds disaffection and anger, which understandably gives rise to sedition and subterfuge. Horse, stable door.

The following piece looks at the incidence of spying by the NSA upon… everyone. It’s a clear warning sign for… everyone.

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