Israel Murders 14 Year-old Palestinian Boy

As the protests in Gaza continue, the death toll rises daily. The Israeli military appear to have been directed to shoot at any targets they wish. Whilst some of the protesters may be throwing stones, that is not justification for shooting them either to wound or kill. But it can be seen from video evidence and witness testimonies that most of those shot were unarmed and engaged in little more than peaceful protest.

Yet the governments of the West remain silent and therefore complicit in these murders, as do the media who refuse to cover the illegal actions of the rogue Israeli state. The situation has gotten so bad that even Natalie Portman, a staunch Zionist, has been forced to speak out, albeit in sadly moderate terms, about the ongoing humanitarian crisis.

There can be no doubt that Israel is operating a policy of shoot-to-kill and shoot-at-will. Their targets include children such as Muhammad Ayoub, a 14 year old child who was deemed to be an acceptable recipient for an Israeli bullet which shattered his head. Israel, and its cohorts, must be held accountable for all that they have done, all that they have allowed to be done, and all that they have failed to do.

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