India Approves Death Penalty For Rapists Of Children

Recent incidents in India, in which two young girls were raped and murdered, served to highlight the terrible sickness that exists within our species. Any action that reduces or hopefully ends entirely such disgusting behaviour has to be welcomed.

The sickness in question is inhumanity. It is in every nation. Whilst Rebel Voice supports the removal of inhumans from our societies, it could be considered that death is too good for such monsters.

At Rebel Voice, the use of concrete cubes is a more favoured method. Such constructions would be simply hollow cubes with a door. There would be no windows, no means of mental stimulation, no comforts, no conversation. There would be a hold in the ground for toilet purposes, a basic bed and a light for occasional use by the authorities.

The inhuman would receive enough food and water to sustain them, but no more. They would get their sustenance through a slot in the door with no conversation with the jailer. The aim would be to break them mentally and emotionally.

After a variable period of time, taken on a case by case basis, a rope with a noose would be provided which could be voluntarily attached to an eye-bolt on the wall. It would then be up to the inhuman to finish their pathetic existence.

Does this sound extreme?

If you answer yes, then consider what happens when a group of men, or one man, rapes an eight year old girl. Consider how she will be often beaten to death after her prolonged ordeal. Consider how, if she survives, her life will be a living nightmare with no escape. Consider the luxuries that inhumans get in western prison today. Consider the cost involved in paying for their comforts. Consider how a quick death is too good for that level of perversion. Consider all this and then consider yourself to be seriously in error for your squeamish opinions.

If the Indian authorities cannot currently afford the cube system, then they should execute such aberrations, at least until such times as they can get such a system up and running. Hopefully, the West will also follow suit and ignore the protestations of those misguided morons who scream about human rights.

Inhumans do not have human rights. Inhumans have only inhuman rights. Inhumans have the right to suffer and die.

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