Behind Tall Walls in Shadow – Poem of Romance

Here we have some verse from our resident poet that speaks of the battles that individuals fight as they struggle to build solid relationships upon the fractured foundations of broken childhoods.

Behind Tall Walls in Shadow


I love a shadow. Or is she perhaps a ghost

who weaves a wispy glimpse

of the most misunderstood hostess

who ever trod Eden’s apple-scented avenues.

An elusive maiden too quick too catch

who leaves a speckled scent

that seems to me to steal my breath away.

And all good sense. Should such exist.


I clutch in vain at trembling smoke

that gently twists to fall away

as I store deep,

for I can’t hug the dappled dream

that seeps throughout my wearied heart.

Yet still, I try, a stubborn fool,

as her flitting form departs to leave me cold,

empty, save for deep despair and tortures

told in torrid lines.

For I must suffer. I am that kind.


It kills me so that I can see

that I can know she cares for me

but hides behind those fortress walls

built strong, built high

repelling all prepared to stand and fight.

And so at night when I’m alone,

the darkness whispers in horrid tones

when fevered fears explode

before a vivid mind that withholds no more.


My eyes then leak a small release

to guide my mind to weary peace.


But still, her sunlit face appears in dreams.

She fights her battles. Alone it seems.

I stand outside.

I listen to her screams.


I can implore. I can beg. I can plead

with a god once more,

but still I doubt how it has need for her in pain,

a gentle soul who struggles on

to try to find what daemons coldly stole.


My hopeful core is strong. Hers is too.

She has courage and much to do

to find her way and sing her song,

that will guide her path

to where she belongs.


So when she emerges from behind those walls

I will listen for her singing call,

to take her hand and hold her close

to kiss a girl not now a ghost,

to walk her slow to a rising sun,

from a darkened past that’s been and gone,

to a future of light that’s just begun.


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