The Celts – BBC Series – Episode 4

In this episode about the legendary Celts, the story of these influential people is explored as they move gradually from paganism to Christianity. The Roman Empire played a huge role in the history of the Celts, and one way in which they effected the social structures was in their religious beliefs. The island of Britain was to be a battleground for one culture against another, especially in the north as the Picts stood in defiance of the Romans.

The film also looks at the Kingdom of Dál Ríada, the Irish colony that covered the west coast of modern-day Scotland. The Picts of Britain and the Gaels of Dál Ríada eventually merged to form the nation of Alba, or Scotland. forever free from the Roman Empire.

All communities evolve over time and the Celts were no different. Culture, language, religion and tradition go through various amendments or adaptations. Some are beneficial and many are not. In this documentary, we can see how the Celtic peoples fought to retain their own individual sense of identity, often in face of great odds, yet they succeeded.

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