The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly – Final Gunfight

This clip shows the final three-way (ooo err, sounds rude) gunfight between Blondie, Tuco and Angel-eyes. This is one of the best finales to be found in any movie, ever. It also has the greatest soundtrack of any movie, ever. OK, ladies, maybe it’s a guy thing but still, try to understand our weaknesses. If you had a penis, you would enjoy this movie too.

Note: it’s the grave marked Unknown, beside Arch Stanton. It’s in Carazo in Spain.

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5 Responses

  1. I love the last gunfight scene in movie good bad and the ugly tuco angel eyes and blonde you can see both fear and determination in those eyes blonde didn’t seem phased by it at all angel eyes looked a little confused but also coblnfidemt but tuco looked like he had the most fear you can see a little bit of sweat dripping down his chops and his eyes looked like he was about to wet his pants he just looked nervous and lost but even with bravery at the same time that was a great scene and also the music was good too and what better way to have a gun battle in the middle of a cemetery knowing if you die you will be with all the other dead that’s surrounding you I liked how calm and cool Clint Eastwood was in that scene with a slight grin on his face and in all his gunfights in his westerns he’s always so laid back and confident not a care in the world you never see an ounce of worry on his face even if he knows he may die by getting shot just an amazing movie for a western with great actors and music too


  2. That last gunfight scene in the movie good bad and ugly was the closest in any westerns to how real gungfights in the old west really was even though they did not stay that far apart real gunfights in the old west the gunfighters were actually much closer within a few feet of each other like the ginfight scene in movie tombstone they were only a few feet apart that’s the way gunfights really happened but also gunfights in the old west rarely happened at all but when it did it was usually a blood bath bullets flying everywhere even sometimes innocent by standers would be shot because of the smoke from the guns going off it was hard to see who you were shooting at sometimes when you shoot a gun it kicks up a lot of smoke in your face especially if your shooting in a desert climate like on movie tombstone but most of the gunfights in the old west happened by conflicts between people or territories or by the tempers of others there were probably a lot more bar fights in the old west than actual gunfights but sometimes the bar fights would lead to gunfights in the street


  3. The reason why I think gunfights rarely existed in the old west was people in those times were just out to make a living not to look for trouble but whenever you have bars in the old west surrounded by alcohol and gambling that’s when trouble starts tempers flair in hostile environments but got the most part a good majority of the people who lived in and during the old west just wanted to make a living for their families but on the other hand there was always still trouble makers in the old west as well just like their is still today in every town but the law in those days was much easier to get away with people never got life in prison for murder but they did get a lot of hangings some murderers in the old west would get put in jail go on trial but also they’d be pardoned by the governor and let go if the people in the town thought the murder was justified as with the governor Sure people carried guns in the old west but it was mostly for protection not to start a gunfight but gunfights did happen sometimes tempers between people bring blood on the others hands and in the steeets by using guns


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