The Empire Files – US State Oppression And Fascism

In this episode of The Empire Files, Abby Martin looks at the increase of state oppression since the inauguration of Trump as President.

It does appear that the US is moving evermore strongly towards a blatantly fascist police-state. Observers should not be fooled by their close proximity to events there. Germans were similarly hoodwinked and manipulated by the Nazi party and we know how that turned out. Even the more restrained commentators of US society, such as Noam Chomsky, are now of the opinion that the United States is indeed fascist or becoming so.

Ironically, the MSM, apparently opposed to Trump, are remaining silent upon the injustice being meted out to those citizens who would protest against fascism. This state repression of opposition is part and parcel of total government control of the populace. The Federal government is also attempting to acquire the IP addresses of those who have shown anti-fascist/ anti-government sentiments online, with a view to arresting and prosecuting them. This is a deliberate tactic designed to intimidate everyone who would oppose official corruption and repressive methodologies.

None of this bodes well for the freedoms of the people of the US and, as a consequence, for the freedoms of the people of our world.

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