Priorities Of The Single man

    Priorities of the single man


 I looked at her, she looked at me,

Her eyes roamed up and down,

She softly smiled, dispelling then my doubt.

I wandered forth, so beckoned

By this Queen, bereft of crown,

She whispered close, ‘your shirt’s on inside-out’.


We danced upon the moonbeams

As the nighttime echoes played

Upon the sea, I held her close, and squeezed.

She gazed into my dreaming eyes,

My longings now betrayed,

I slowly bent to kiss her as she sneezed.


I bought her egg and chips,

Watched her smother them in sauce,

So quaintly did she eat, my heart beat so.

But it was when she reached along the bench,

It was then I felt the loss,

She tried to grab my sausage, I had to let her go.


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