As a thought upon Palestine entered…

Rebel Voice


A restless night with sweat-soaked sheets,

conjures images of blood-filled streets and pain.

Cetaceans mourn for humanity

as dogs howl at a blood-red moon, which all too soon

becomes a ghastly, horrid, evil eye

staring, as crap, garbage and trash is blasted

into empty rooms and heads to demoralize

the innocent babes who cry for sweet dreams

and whimpering in their beds lose hope.

Where labels and tags speak louder than kind words;

costly automobiles shout down the voices of reason.

Amid the anger, the ambition,

a few struggle against the tides of greed

where vicious cannibals feed on rotting corpses of the fallen.

And some of us weep for the birds.

They have all gone and we are alone with troubled thoughts.

Still, all that we have been taught amounts to nothing

as the seething…

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