Coalition Of The Willing Stands Against The US Imperial Regime

The US are determined to gain control over the natural resources of Venezuela, one of the world’s largest oil producers. They are using tried and tested tactics in attempting to destabilize the government via right-wing thugs and violence, and then using the resulting unrest as a pretext for direct and blatant intervention.

Terms such as ‘rogue state’, and ‘installing democracy’, and ‘democratic change’, are bandied about by the right-wing media at the behest of their corporate masters in describing Venezuela. Yet there is no democracy in the US. It is a kleptocracy. It is a plutocracy. It is the greatest rogue state in the world today.

The US abuses and kills its own citizens. It marginalizes others. It ignores the rights of the people of the US to a safe and healthy life. It will be necessary for the people of the US to step forward with confidence in moving strongly to remove the greedy Surplass from their midst.

No longer can the world tolerate the likes of the US federal government as it is now. No longer can the world tolerate the actions of Israel, yet another rogue state in league with the US Imperial Regime. No longer can we idly sit and wish, for peace, for progress, for justice. They will not give it to us.

We must take it.

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