DUP And Their Nasty Past (And Present)

As the British government goes to the DUP, seeking their support in propping up their sordid administration, we should remember that Peter Robinson, one of the founders of the DUP, was once arrested for his ‘invasion’ of Clontibret, in County Monaghan, when he accompanied a gang of approx. 150-200 paramilitary thugs as they entered the small village (pop.280), to stage a ‘show of strength’.

It would have been more impressive if they had, instead, chose to put on their amateur dramatics in the village of Crossmaglen, just a few miles away. Of course they would have never made it out of there and so they chose a small Free State hamlet to act tough in.

The DUP have always been hand in glove with Unionist paramilitaries. Now the British government are hand in glove with the DUP. But then again, haven’t the British government always been hand in glove with the sectarian paramilitaries of Unionsim.

The video shows scenes from Robinson’s subsequent court case in Dundalk, when Unionist thugs again accompanied him. However, this time they got a lesson in manners from local Republicans who chased them home with their Orange tails between their legs.

Look out for the weasel head of Willie McCrea, and a young Jim Wells who may or may not have been OK with lesbians at that time…

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