AC/DC – You Shook Me All Night Long (Heavy Metal)

No words are necessary to explain this most bodacious of rock classics. But Rebel Voice will add an advisory as we have such respect for our followers.

When listening to this track, do not stare at little old women when they pull up beside your 4X4 at the traffic lights, especially if your window is down and this music up. Do not growl at them in a way that might suggest, to the untrained hear, that you are considering putting them both inside a single wholemeal bun (with real butter) and eating them. Do not spit your gum out onto their front windscreen and watch it, with the two old ladies, as it slowly slides down the glass to rest against the wiper. And absolutely, positively do not roar, “Fuck yeah” as you peel away on the Green laughing as if you are the syphilitic spawn of both the Joker and a drug-addled Shakespearean crone. Should you choose to ignore this advice then Rebel Voice would advise that you get yourself a good lawyer/solicitor.

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