The Wolf Road

The Wolf Road‘ by Beth Lewis

What a feckin’ great book. It could be classed as pseudo-chick lit. as the lead protagonist is a kick-ass female, and other strong women appear throughout a story set in a post-apocalyptic north America that resembles the Wild West. It’s kinda like Calamity Jane meets The Road.

We follow Elka as she struggles to survive in a harsh world, having been abandoned by her parents as a child. She has grown up tough and capable, taught in the ways of the wild by the stoic Trapper, who takes her in.

Eventually Elka is forced to go in search of her missing parents, believed to be in the Canadian Rockies. Her journey is fraught with danger and deception, as she is hunted by more than one ruthless adversary across the bleak landscape.

The imagery is stunning in this, the plot substantial, and the characters both approachable and memorable. I found this book to be un-put-downable (I love using whatever word forms I want whilst blogging… I feel so free… just like Kate standing on the brow of the Titanic… hmm… that ended badly…) and relish the fact that an opening has been left for a sequel (clever clever).

Bet Lewis is one to watch as, amazingly, this is her first novel. She states on her website that her next novel will be even darker. I want to have her babies.

Sult Scale rating is 7.5 out of 10. Highly recommended.

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