Male Sea Lion Hunts Penguins

We have all seen the imagery of sea lions playing and juggling with a ball. They are often portrayed as clownish and likeable. But this is not the case if you’re a penguin. If you happen to be a bird that likes to swim in the sea, then you’re on the menu for Mr Sea […]

Iguana Runs Gauntlet Of Snakes

This sensational piece of footage shows an iguana on the Galapagos Islands running a gauntlet of hungry snakes. It has been dubbed numerous times to great effect. This is the untouched original. Nature is beautiful. It can also be a very scary place, especially if you happen to be on the menu. Take a look […]

Bear And Tiger Fight (Neither Die) – Video

This is a fascinating clip from India where a male Bengal tiger attempts to kill a female Sloth Bear cub, but doesn’t fully realize that you shouldn’t come between a mother bear and her offspring. Although the footage can be viewed dispassionately, it should be remembered that the tiger is trying to kill the mother […]

The Road

Book review  The Road   by Cormac McCarthy Readers may be familiar with this particular story-line, having watched the movie adaptation starring Viggo Mortensen and Kodi Smit-McPhee. I will confess to not being among that number who have viewed the silver-screen’s take on the tale. I’m not sure that I ever want to either, since […]

Survivor’s Creed

Survivor’s Creed … the souls beyond despondency hollowed to Hell’s Standard that causes a collapse of function into temporary oblivion to re-boot, re-ignite, replenish the will…   … the echoes of ethereal laughter bound along the emptied space of phantom halls; footfalls dance and skitter across recycled time, inconsequential in face of imagination and mind; […]

Breasts of Waste

Breasts of Waste Quietly steal among the skips and breasts of waste to greet the moral cognoscenti who hide from wretched truth their place copper-fastened in a species drunk on self-centred obsession fucked with selfish desires and masturbatory ambition wilfully ignorant as society steals decency and makes haste to fill the skips the residence of […]