Spiderman Cartoon Adult Dubbing – Number 3

Spiderman, Spiderman, does whatever a spider can… so he hides in your shoe and scares the crap out of you when you try to put it on; he drops onto your head in your bedroom and makes you flap like a nutcase as you trip over the rug and bust your nose; he eats flies; […]

Spiderman Cartoon Adult Dubbing – Number 2

Spidey’s back in his new role of foul-mouthed super-anti-hero. It may be that a different radioactive spider bit this Spiderman, an arachnid with a venom that makes its victims spew forth the most vile language. It makes for interesting viewing as the web-slinger curses and swears his way across The f**king Big Apple. Note: the […]

Spiderman Cartoon Adult Dubbing – Number 1

Spiderman returns, this time with a more foul-mouthed attitude. It’s amazing how the exact same cartoon can be completely transformed by the use of expletives in the voice-overs. A run-of-the-mill superhero becomes a bad-tongued (kinda) anti-hero who, Rebel Voice suspects, may appeal to some viewers a great deal more. See what you think. Enjoyed this? […]

Spiderman Cartoon Dubbed – I Don’t Feel So Good

Here is Spiderman as you’ve rarely heard him before. This is the new and improved superhero, a gritty guy from the streets with a coarse view of life. Rebel Voice wonders what Aunt May would make of the language and attitudes of her reformed nephew. Perhaps she swears like a trooper herself? Note: this dubbed […]

Spandex And The City – Novel By Jenny T. Colgan

Spandex And The City   by Jenny T. Colgan As the name might suggest, this is not a serious book. If you’re after a story about existential issues presented in grey monotones by an austere matron lamenting her lack of sexual conquest in Victorian times as her fleabag cat takes yet another piss on a threadbare […]