Spiderman Cartoon Dub – Electra’s Revenge

Spiderman, Spiderman, does whatever a spider can. Can he swing, from a green thing… and so on and so forth. Imagine how popular the masked webslinger must be with the ladies. He could undertaker any number of different sexual positions. He could even hang from the ceiling during fornication. That’s a thought. Is having sex […]

Spandex And The City – Novel By Jenny T. Colgan

Spandex And The City   by Jenny T. Colgan As the name might suggest, this is not a serious book. If you’re after a story about existential issues presented in grey monotones by an austere matron lamenting her lack of sexual conquest in Victorian times as her fleabag cat takes yet another piss on a threadbare […]

Know Your Zionist Enemy – Amy Pascal, Hollywood Producer

Amy Pascal was Co-Chairperson of Sony Pictures Entertainment from 2006 until 2015, when the Sony hacking scandal exposed a number of sensitive emails attributed to her. She is no longer with the major corporation. She was born on March 25th, 1958 in Los Angeles, and got her introduction to Hollywood as a secretary for Kestrel […]