Children Of Time – Novel By Adrian Tchaikovsky

Children of Time by Adrian Tchaikovsky In a galaxy far, far away, life goes on as normal and it has absolutely nothing to do with this book. There are no Hutts, or Gungans or Ewoks anywhere. There are many other aliens, though, but then again, are they really alien at all? Confused? Then read on […]

Jupiter’s Red Spot Explained

Ever wondered what exactly that damn red spot on Jupiter that everyone talks about really is? Then query no more for all is explained in this short video. You can then impress your friends and potential lovers with your in-depth knowledge of how Jupiter works. On second thoughts don’t. You’ll never get laid with that […]

25 Recent Space Discoveries – What Do We Know?

Have a look at this list of what has been discovered about the cosmos. It’s not in-depth. It’s not complete. It is informative to a point. It might intrigue you enough to have you rushing out to buy a copy of Aliens and a tin foil hat. Note how the presenter is able to state […]

Alien Attack – How Would Humanity Survive?

This jovial documentary looks at what would happen if aliens arrived on Earth. Although it is all speculation, it is fun (or perhaps terrible) to think about the possibilities that we could encounter. Will they come in peace? Or will they leave us in pieces? – If you care, give it a share –

Any Horny Aliens Out There?

Recent revelations regarding a newly discovered solar system with 7 planets, all located within the famed ‘Goldilocks’ zone, have sparked renewed debate about the possibility of finding alien life-forms. I feel that before I progress further, I should point out that Goldilocks was a juvenile delinquent who engaged in home invasion, the theft of certain […]