Top 10 Movie Disease Outbreaks

Is it on the way? Are we due a major pandemic that will threaten and perhaps destroy humanity? Hollywood seems to think so. There are a multitude of movies that deal with the subject of mass outbreaks of disease. The symptoms include everything from vampires to zombies. It’s almost as if the entertainment industry desires […]

Sleeping Beauties – Stephen King And Owen King

Sleeping Beauties    by Stephen King and Owen King This is the latest from one of the master storytellers of our time, and his son. Sleeping Beauties is an epic along the lines of his previous offering, The Dome. It is also one that will grip you tightly and drag you willingly as its mate into […]

The Girl With All The Gifts

The Girl With All The Gifts   by M.R. Carey Some of you may be familiar with this story from the movie of the same name starring Sennia Nanua, Gemma Arterton and Paddy Considine. I confess to not having seen it and was oblivious to the story when I first picked it up. What a pleasure […]

The Deadlands

Book Review The Deadlands   by Benjamin Percy The author, James Frey, describes this book thus, ‘THE DEADLANDS is gorgeous and haunting and full of heart like some wonderful offspring of The Hobbitt, The Road and Stephen King’s Dark Tower series’. That’s a pretty good appraisal of this book (see Rebel Voice Book Review, The […]


Underground  by S.L. Grey A virus has hit China, killing many and spreading rapidly to the west coast of the US. A motley assortment of ‘Preppers’ have purchased units in a privately owned former nuclear bunker in remotest Maine, and are confident that they will survive the impending apocalypse, safe underground. They could be wrong. […]