North Korea Journal – Travelogue of Michael Palin

North Korea Journal by Michael Palin (2019) Michael Palin is (at time of writing) 76 years of age. His career as a comedian, actor and adventurer of sorts has taken him across Africa, to both Poles, through the Himalayas, Latin America and now into The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK). This book is his […]

King Of Spies – Biography Of US Spy In Korea, By Blaine Harden

King Of Spies by Blaine Harden Donald Nichols was a working class boy who came from a troubled background in pre-Second World War United States. His mother ran out on his father when Donald was still very young, and left her husband to raise four bewildered sons. As a result, David Nichols grew up hungry […]

Blood And Ashes & Blood Tracks – Novels By Matt Hilton

Blood and Ashes, Blood Tracks, by Matt Hilton For the first time since this site began, Rebel Voice has taken the unprecedented step of providing two reviews from the same author in the one article. The author is Matt Hilton and he has been reviewed previously by this blog. His previous efforts were acceptable. However, […]

Nuclear Weapons By The Numbers – State Capabilities

With the looming spectre of global war growing ever-larger, Rebel Voice presents this look at the number of nuclear weapons each such power has. It’s interesting to see just how capable we are, as a species, to entirely destroy our planet and, of course, ourselves. It’s also worth noting that although Israel is currently denouncing […]

Nuclear War Imminent Between US and North Korea

Although the US and North Korea have agreed in principle to meet in May, there is a long way to go before it happens. Analysts all know that the DPRK will not surrender their nuclear weapons. Why would a state give up the only means it has to defend itself from another state that has […]

US/Israel Missile System To Shoot Down Satellites

This is a worrying development. Israel is a rogue state. Its military are unaccountable to anyone. The US is an imperialist nation and its citizens have been effectively manipulated to the point where they are excluded from the governance of their country. The greatest problem is the suggestion that the Arrow 3 missile system could […]

Syria And A Question Of Balls

It’s stating the obvious to say that Syria is truly a mess. The Russians are helping the Syrians, as are the Iranians. The US is helping the Kurds and ‘moderate’ terrorist grouping such as Al-Nusra. Israel are also helping the same terrorist organisations in an attempt to topple Assad. The Kurds are under attack from […]

Evo Morales Condemns US Aggressions

Evo Morales is well respected in both his own country and abroad. He is a humanitarian, and someone who the people of the world would do well to listen to (unless, that is, they wish to doom us all to perpetual global conflict, with the resultant massive profits going into the pockets of the Surplass).

North Korean Capital Evacuated

As the news article that follows shows, these are becoming evermore dangerous times indeed. Spare a thought for the citizens of North Korea, whose tenuous lives are now being turned upside down as they face the aggressions of a nation who have already just bombed another sovereign state. Is WW3 on it’s way?