The Exorcist – Out Of The Shadows

The Exorcist – Out of The Shadows by Bob McCabe When The Exorcist movie was released in 1973, it sent shock-waves across the Western World, not just in cinema, but throughout society. Among those multitudes who went to view this film sensation were some who fainted and others who fled the cinema to be physically […]

It Devours!

It Devours!   by Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor It’s difficult to know how to accurately describe this novel, but allow me to try. It’s a lot of ridiculous, off-the-wall, acid-tripping nonsense. There. How’s that? Want some more? O.K. It’s so weird as to make the worst excesses of Monty Python’s Flying Circus look like a […]

Hell Train

Hell Train   by Christopher Fowler This is an usual little book which should appeal to all fans of the old Hammer movies which starred Chris Lee and Peter Cushing. Shane Carter is a script writer from Hollywood who finds himself at a loose end when his job ends. He makes his way to England to […]