Zionist Attempts To Redesign Middle East

The intent of both the US and Israel in the Middle East has been clear for some time now. Instability breeds weakness breeds vulnerability. The entire region becomes open to further manipulation and exploitation. Puppet dictatorships are installed who favour Zionism and the power of the multi-national corporations. These tactics are not designed to assist […]

Rats Biting Children Is One Legacy Of Obama

Before the US and Israeli Surplass instigated the war in Syria, in an attempt to overthrow Assad, the country was in a relatively peaceful and prosperous condition. It was not perfect, but then, few nations are. Since the inception of the imperialist campaign, millions of people have either died or been forced to flee the […]

Israel (and the US) versus the World

Below is a rudimentary list of the UN Resolutions that Israel has breached. The list is by no means complete, and the quotes are for reference only. It is followed by the statement from the UN Security Council listing the contents of Resolution 2334, which was adopted on 23rd December, 2016. The most astounding thing […]