The Gombeen Man – Protest Poem

The Gombeen Man is a reviled figure from Irish history. During An Gorta Mór (The Great Famine), he was the one who sold the starving people food and other essentials at exorbitant prices, or gave credit at extortionate rates. Desperate people gave all they had for the items needed to keep their families alive. The […]

‘A Legend Of Tyrone’ And ‘To Ireland’

  Women have always played an important role in Irish rebellion. Whether they were active militants, such as Lady Markievicz, or were providing logistical support such as Mary Ann McCracken, or were writing literature, such as our focus today, Ellen O’Leary, the womanhood of Ireland have been to the fore in an ofttimes male-dominated world. […]

Irish Say Thank you To Choctaw

This is a nice way to say thank you to the Choctaw people for their generous gesture to the suffering Irish people during the Great Famine (which was facilitated by British colonial rule).

Tackling The White Blight

A drive into the Irish countryside should always be an enjoyable experience. Yet, if you were to take an elevated road to better view the sweep of land before you, it will inevitably be found that the picturesque scenery is ruined by the imposition that is the white building. In times gone by, cottages were […]

The Famine Year – Jane Wilde

The following poem was written by Jane Wilde, mother of Oscar. Jane Wilde, who was officially ‘Lady’ Jane Wilde, was an ardent Irish Nationalist who died in poverty. Her second eldest son, Oscar, lauded for his literary prowess, did nothing to help the impoverished people of his native land, yet his mother cared deeply for them. […]

Damien Dempsey – Other Voices (live recording)

Here is an introduction to one the greatest Irish balladeers of today, or any day. Damien Dempsey is from working class Dublin. His songs are based upon the struggles of life to be found in everyday Ireland. If you want to understand life in modern Ireland, then let Dempsey be your guide.

The Pogues – Thousands Are Sailing

A haunting ballad from one of the greatest bands of all time. This song evokes the memories of all those who were failed by the authorities in Ireland, be those authorities colonial or Irish. Millions have been forced to emigrate due to unnecessary hardships and deprivations in our beautiful land, from before the Famine, during […]