Hurricane Wilma Video – Mother Nature’s Fury

This footage was shot by storm-hunter, Mike Theiss, as he tracked the massive storm known as Wilma which smashed in to the Florida coast on 24th October, 2005. Mexico was also broken by the terrible winds. It’s hard to imagine just how much power is contained within a hurricane. Rebel Voice expects that a person […]

Hurricane Katrina – Shocking Footage

On August 29th, 2005, journalist Mike Theiss was in Gulfport, Mississippi when a massive storm surge hit the coastline during Hurricane Katrina. His Emmy award-winning video really gives viewers some insight into how terrifying the weather conditions were at that time. As bad as it was in Gulfport, and it was undoubtedly bad, it was […]

In The Electric Mist With The Confederate Dead

In The Electric Mist With The Confederate Dead   by James Lee Burke This author should get a Nobel prize for literature on the basis of his book titles alone. Added to this one we have such notable names as Black Cherry Blues, A Stained White Radiance and Jolie Blon’s Bounce which has been reviewed by […]

It was better before

               It was better before Ma says the wind’s coming, the bad wind. But I see nothing wrong. It’s very warm today. My best friend and his grubby little brother have gone. Their wrinkled Grandpa lives somewhere safe they said. Da is dead. The cough got him.   I […]