Top 10 Reasons Why Ned Flanders Should Leave Springfield

Poor Ned Flanders. It’s bad enough that his beloved wife died, but he also has to live next door to the Simpsons. Homer is great to laugh at, when he’s not right beside you. But imagine if you had to deal with him on a daily basis. Or Bart. OK, he’s a kid with a […]

Top 10 Mr Burns Epsiodes – The Simpsons

Mr Burns is the consummate Capitalist. He even looks the part. Inside every CEO of a greedy multi-national lurks a Mr Burns. Inside every employer who pays minimum wage and provides terrible working conditions for their employees lies a Mr Burns. Behind all those inhumans who use child labour or child soldiers is a Mr […]

A Woman Homer Sung – Poem By W.B. Yeats

This poem is not about the yellow husband and father of Springfield fame, but perhaps it should be. Marge would make a great subject for some romantic verse. It’s the blue hair, gets a man every time. Wonder if the carpet on the landing matches that in the lobby? A Woman Homer Sung IF any […]