State Of Fear – Thriller By Michael Crichton

State of Fear by Michael Crichton (2004) Peter Evans is a lawyer for a prestigious LA firm. He handles the account of billionaire philanthropist, George Morton, a man committed to tackling environmental issues, most especially climate change. But Morton has been having second thoughts about the issues he has been campaigning for. After meeting with […]

American War – Novel By Omar El Akkad

American War by Omar El Akkad It’s 2075 and the US is again fighting a civil war although there’s rarely anything civil about such bloodshed. Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi have banded together and declared themselves the Free Southern State (FSS). South Carolina would also have been in that grouping if not for the lethal virus […]

Global Ice Melt – How Bad Could It Get?

Global Warming is happening today. The Big Melt is taking place all around us. The problems with such a scenario have not been fully looked at in a way that will help prevent or alleviate the worst effects on the ground. But how bad will it get?

Global Warming And The Cities That Will Go Under

With so much fierce debate surrounding global warming and subsequent rising sea levels, the following article looks at some of the cities that will be worst affected by such a catastrophe. It appears that there is a tipping point, a line that once crossed is impossible to get back over. Where that marker is, no […]

Earth’s Future – 10,000 Years From Now

This brief look into the future of our planet, and species, is intriguing for all that it doesn’t tell us. It’s impossible to say what will happen to us as we are an extremely unpredictable bunch, apart from our relentless greed that is. The video doesn’t pretend to know what will happen in the distant […]

Eden Project – Hope For Humanity?

This brief overview provides an introduction to the famous Eden Project in England. This is an attempt to create a viable self-contained eco-system within man-made structures. If proven successful, the entire endeavour might be an answer to our problems of an over-populated world. Imagine an Eden bio-sphere located on Mars. Imagine thousands of Eden bio-spheres […]

Hawking Speaks On The Danger Humanity Faces

As the world laments the passing of the eminent physicist, Stephen Hawking, we can remind ourselves of how he viewed the world and the immediate dangers faced by our species. Hawking was a man of great intelligence and compassion. His words should carry weight. Sadly, those who control our planet are those who are deaf […]

Elon Musk On Mars

In this article, the founder of Paypal, Elon Musk, speaks about the need to colonize Mars to avoid the destruction of our species. He does have a valid point, although would we merely be exporting our behavioral problems to another world? – If you care, give it a share –

America City – Novel By Chris Beckett

America City   by Chris Beckett This novel was published in 2017 and, given the contents, Rebel Voice is curious as to whether or not Trump’s election campaign played a part in its construct. Set one hundred years in the future, global warming has caused major upheaval across the planet. In the US, severe drought in […]

Bolivian Leader Condemns Scourge Of Capitalism

Evo Morales is a true world leader. As an indigenous statesman, he has observed and experienced the horrors and hardship of both colonialism and its legacy, and the effects of capitalism. When Morales speaks, he speaks strong words that make sense to all who possess that faculty. Latin America has had, and still has, many […]