Heartwood – Billy Bob Holland Novel By James Lee Burke

Heartwood by James Lee Burke Billy Bob Holland is a former Texas Ranger turned lawyer. During his gun-slinging days on the border, he killed many men, most of them Mexican drug mules transporting narcotics into Texas. It was on one of those raids that he accidentally shot and killed his partner and best friend, LQ […]

Ancient Mayan Remains Found In Mexico

Some readers will be familiar with the Mayans from the fantastic Mel Gibson movie, Apocalypto, in which the lead protagonist was from that people. They were an ancient and storied civilization whose ways are still being examined and discovered. Many myths are associated with the Mayans, especially surrounding astronomy at which they excelled. The turn […]

Trail Of Tears – A Tale Of Terror Haunting The Tribes

The Trail of Tears will go down in history as one of the most shameful episodes in domestic US history. During this shocking endeavour, launched by the US Federal government, the colonial authorities decided to ethnically cleanse the land east of the Mississippi of First Nations people. Tens of thousands of indigenous people from six […]

Apache Country

This is a quick look at the glorious land that was once inhabited by the Apache people of current south-western USA. The scope of their landscape is staggering and contradicts the normal narrative that Hollywood liked to weave, where we see the Apaches as belonging to dry desert lands and inhospitable terrain. The truth is […]

The Nez Perce – A Hunted First Nations People Of Dignity

The story of Chief Joseph and his refusal to bow to the treacherous US Federal government is the stuff of legend. The pursuit of his people by US Cavalry detachments makes for a great story with an all too familiar and heart-rending ending. The treatment of the indigenous people by the colonials from Europe is […]

The Blackfoot – First Nations People

The First Nations peoples of the Americas have all been very badly treated by European colonizers of the past. They were abused, dispossessed and often slaughtered in genocidal policies not fully acknowledged by those responsible. Among the best known of all North American indigenous populations were the Blackfoot, who straddled the modern US/Canadian border. Today, […]

Canadian Government Experiments Upon Indigenous Children

It’s shocking to think of how badly First Nations people were treated by the various colonial administrations across the world. Of course, it was always the indigenous children who suffered the most. In Canada, a nation that today prides itself upon being pluralist, democratic and humanitarian, the authorities were every bit as bad as those […]

In The Moon Of The Red Ponies – James Lee Burke Novel

In The Moon Of The Red Ponies  by James Lee Burke Yes, yes, OK, you’re correct. Rebel Voice didn’t stay away from James Lee for long. It’s an addiction and Rebel Voice is currently attending a clinic for Burke junkies. We sit around and discuss who’s best, Robicheaux or Holland. In this novel, we get […]

Outlaw Josie Wales Comments On Socioeconomic Issues

The Outlaw Josie Wales was one of the best movies Clint Eastwood ever made. It was also one of the best westerns ever made. In this short scene, Wales meets with the chief of the Comanche as he barters for the peace to live on their land. Although the dialogue is kinda twee, it is […]

Blood Meridian

Blood Meridian   by Cormac McCarthy This novel, set in both Mexico and the US in the mid-eighteenth century, has been lauded quite a bit since its publication in 1985. It centres around the life of the Kid, a fourteen year old boy born in 1833, in Tennessee, who leaves a motherless home in search of […]

Who Are The Zapatistas?

This short clip gives a very basic introduction to the socialist Zapatista movement of the Chiapas region of southern Mexico. The people who make up the Zapatistas are descended from the Mayans who once had a great civilization and culture of their own before the invasion of colonizers from Europe. – If you care, give […]

Light Of The World

Light of the World  by James Lee Burke This is book 20 in the Dave Robicheaux series, and the latest. The next Robicheaux novel is due for release on January 2nd, 2018, so fans don’t have too long to wait. The next edition is titled… Robicheaux (Burke is becoming no nonsense when it comes to […]