Spiderman Cartoon Adult Dubbing – Number 3

Spiderman, Spiderman, does whatever a spider can… so he hides in your shoe and scares the crap out of you when you try to put it on; he drops onto your head in your bedroom and makes you flap like a nutcase as you trip over the rug and bust your nose; he eats flies; […]

Spiderman Cartoon Adult Dubbing – Number 2

Spidey’s back in his new role of foul-mouthed super-anti-hero. It may be that a different radioactive spider bit this Spiderman, an arachnid with a venom that makes its victims spew forth the most vile language. It makes for interesting viewing as the web-slinger curses and swears his way across The f**king Big Apple. Note: the […]

Taylor Swift Cartoon Parody

Here we have Taylor Swift as you’ve rarely seen her before. She’s mean, vindictive, bitchy, egocentric, spoiled, wait a minute… If you enjoyed this, please share

Scooby Doo – The Unmasking Gone Wrong

Regular fans of Scooby Doo will have noticed that the villains are always unmasked at the end. But what if uncovering the bad guy was to go horribly wrong? The following is a parody of the popular cartoon. Take a look at how badly out of whack it can all go when the gang make […]

Spiderman Cartoon Adult Dubbing – Number 1

Spiderman returns, this time with a more foul-mouthed attitude. It’s amazing how the exact same cartoon can be completely transformed by the use of expletives in the voice-overs. A run-of-the-mill superhero becomes a bad-tongued (kinda) anti-hero who, Rebel Voice suspects, may appeal to some viewers a great deal more. See what you think. Enjoyed this? […]

Spiderman Cartoon Dubbed – I Don’t Feel So Good

Here is Spiderman as you’ve rarely heard him before. This is the new and improved superhero, a gritty guy from the streets with a coarse view of life. Rebel Voice wonders what Aunt May would make of the language and attitudes of her reformed nephew. Perhaps she swears like a trooper herself? Note: this dubbed […]

Spiderman Cartoon Dub – Electra’s Revenge

Spiderman, Spiderman, does whatever a spider can. Can he swing, from a green thing… and so on and so forth. Imagine how popular the masked webslinger must be with the ladies. He could undertaker any number of different sexual positions. He could even hang from the ceiling during fornication. That’s a thought. Is having sex […]

Taylor Swift – Wildest Dreams – Cartoon Parody

Rebel Voice is unsure how cartoon parodies get away with it but the following is really taking a pop at Taylor Swift, and does it in some style. It can be entertaining when a cartoon uses more adult language and deals with a more grown-up approach to depictions of life. What do you think? If […]

Scooby Doo Dubbed – Parody [Adult Language]

Many readers will have enjoyed the shenanigans of the Scooby Gang in their younger years. The wayward group of sleuths looked as if they were always having a great ole time being chased by all manner of weirdo (kinda like Donald Trump’s bedroom). But what if the language was… shall we say… a tad more […]