Iron Horse – Ride The Lightening (Bluegrass)

Here we have the fantastic bluegrass band, Iron Horse, performing their version of the Metallica hit, Ride the Lightening. Rebel Voice is a fan of the way in which some bands can switch genres whilst maintaining their instrumental integrity (phew, what a grandiose statement!). When you listen to this, do you get the weird urge […]

Iron Horse – Crazy Train (Bluegrass Cover)

Iron Horse are a fantastically talented group. They can thump out first-class bluegrass songs but are equally adept at covering well-known rock songs. They do the originals proud. In this piece, the country boys from Killen, Alabama tackle the Ozzy Osbourne hit, Crazy Train. Rebel Voice dares your feet not to move. If you enjoyed […]

Doc Watson – Summertime [Folk]

This is a gentle melody from the blind balladeer. It should help ease you into your day, or sleep, whichever you prefer. Doc’s voice is a joy to behold. – If you care, give it a share –

Hayseed Dixie – Bohemian Rhapsody

This has to be seen to be believed, and it can’t be forgotten. It’s like Deliverance meets Wayne’s World. Try to imagine waking up in a cold and damp cellar with these four staring at you. On seconds thoughts, don’t. Wouldn’t want you ruin your new year. It might just make you laugh however… – […]

Iron Horse – Enter Sandman

Iron Horse are one of the best bluegrass bands of all. This is a great cover of the classic Metallica track, Enter Sandman. – If you care, give it a share –

Bluegrass Artists Raise Hell

This is something slightly different. Rebel Voice has provided a selection of bluegrass music and videos for your viewing and listening pleasure. Some of the tunes may be recognizable as they have been used in various TV shows and movies. The first up contains one of the most laughable entrances ever made in a music […]

Iron Horse – Rocket Man

This version of the Elton John classic really rocks. Try to listen to it without tapping your feet… I dare you…  but don’t do yourself an injury (stay away from the poitín (moonshine)), and don’t you dare marry your cousin, or aunt, or a hog. Rebel Voice would like to take this opportunity to apologise […]