Planxty – The Jolly Beggar (Folk)

Planxty were widely regarded as the foremost folk music act in Ireland of the 70s and early 80s. They were instrumental (and sung a bit as well) in helping to revive the folk scene. bolstering it internationally. Today, their former members can still be heard on the airwaves of Ireland, and Christy Moore is still […]

Song For Ireland – Dick Gaughan

Here the beautiful ballad, Song For Ireland, is performed by the musical genius, Dick Gaughan. This fine rendition is an example of what can be achieved when Ireland and Scotland work together. Rebel Voice truly hopes that the proud people of Scotland get the freedom they so richly deserve. Perhaps all of Ireland will be […]

Little Musgrave – English Folk Ballad – Nic Jones/Planxty/Doc Watson

This fine old ballad is very popular in Ireland, but is better known from the renditions by Christy Moore and Planxty. Rebel Voice┬ákinda likes this Nic Jones version as Little Musgrave is originally an English song. The Planxty version is also included for comparison, as is a surprise inclusion from the US which is well […]

Dr Hook – Sylvia’s Mother

Rebel Voice is betting that most of you will not have heard this in a lifetime, and may not want to hear it again for another lifetime. Sylvia’s Mother seemed to be a right nasty piece of work. It was only a phone call, for fuck’s sake, she could have let him have a brief […]

Irish Ballad – Mary Black – Song For Ireland

This one will raise the hairs on the back of your neck. Rebel Voice offers it for all those who have suffered in the struggle for Irish freedom. If the national movement for Irish independence had the strength of Mary Black’s voice, we would have been freed 100 years ago. – If you care, give […]