Burning Man – Alternate Universe in The Nevada Desert

The Burning Man is an event held every year in the Nevada desert approximately 100 miles north of Reno. It’s a festival of sorts that incorporates art, dance, music and community to create a wacky, alternative week-long event where those who wish to leave the drudgery of their ‘normal’ lives can meet, tune in and […]

It Devours!

It Devours!   by Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor It’s difficult to know how to accurately describe this novel, but allow me to try. It’s a lot of ridiculous, off-the-wall, acid-tripping nonsense. There. How’s that? Want some more? O.K. It’s so weird as to make the worst excesses of Monty Python’s Flying Circus look like a […]

The Massacre Of Mankind

The Massacre of Mankind   by Stephen Baxter This is the sequel to H.G. Wells’ The War Of The Worlds, and is officially authorized by his estate. Anyone who has read the Wells’ classic (I haven’t) will better appreciate this story. Yet, although The Massacre of Mankind is a continuation, and I missed the beginning […]