Nina Simone – Ain’t Got No, I Got Life (R&B)

This glorious song is known across the globe by those who love music. It’s got it all, a thumping melody, fantastic lyrics and one of the finest female voices of them all. This live performance is not quite as upbeat as the studio version but Rebel Voice is delighted to showcase it as we get […]

Tito & Tarantula – Strange Face (Chicano Blues)

Here’s another from the Californian bluesy rock greats, Tito & Tarantula. They are perhaps most famous for their explosive appearance in the classic movie, From Dusk Til Dawn, during which they played the role of a vampire rock band in a vampire roadhouse. They blew up. In this performance they bring the house down. The guitar solo […]

Homeless Mustard – Creep Cover

Daniel ‘Homeless’ Mustard is a North-American singer-songwriter who apparently has no home. To be fair, he does look like he just crawled out of a skip, a bit like Bob Geldoff but with better vocals and a more genuine approach to life. He puts in one hell of a performance here as he takes on […]

Billie Holiday – Strange Fruit (Song Of Protest)

This song is a commentary upon the lynching of two black men, J. Thomas Shipp and Abraham S Smith, in the town of Marion, Indiana on 7th August, 1930. Both had been accused of robbing and murdering a white factory worker, and raping his girlfriend. They were being held in the local jailhouse. A mob […]

Echo And The Bunnymen – People Are Strange (The Lost Boys Theme)

Released in 1987, The Lost Boys was a massive hit movie and one of the highlights of eighties cinema. Featuring Kiefer Sutherland, Corey Haim, Corey Feldman and Jason Patric, it was stylish, gripping and had a fantastic soundtrack. Here is the theme from the film as performed by Echo and the Bunnymen, an English rock […]

Blues Saraceno – The Devil Never Sleeps (Indie Rock)

Blues Saraceno has a great sound reminiscent of some Chicano or perhaps Americano bands. His music has been used for numerous TV shows and video games and he has produced for quite a few much better known artists. Raised by musician parents, he played in the rock band, Poison, for a time before launching a […]

Aslan – Crazy World (Irish Rock)

Here’s the biggest hit by one of Ireland’s favourite bands, Aslan, who were formed in 1982 and have 6 studio albums to date. Their name is taken from the lion in the C.S. Lewis series, The Chronicles of Narnia (Aslan is Turkish for lion, and Narnia is what Donald Trump calls his wife’s vagina (only joking about […]