Wolf Pack – Thriller by C.J. Box

Wolf Pack by C.J. Box (2019) That Wyoming game warden most beloved of Rebel Voice, Joe Pickett, is back in yet another thrilling adventure as he tangles with a crew of hired killers who have found their gory way to his part of the Bighorn mountain range. Spoilers abound. The warden area next to Joe’s […]

The Midnight Line – Lee Child Thriller

The Midnight Line by Lee Child Jack Reacher is back on Rebel Voice, and this time he’s caught up in a strange mystery that involves a disappeared soldier, a launderette and a pawn-shop ring. Trust Reacher to find the most troublesome part of the USA. The following review contains some spoilers. As Reacher is walking […]

The Disappeared – Thriller By C.J. Box

The Disappeared by C.J. Box This is number 18 in the mostly impressive Joe Pickett series, which deals with the trials and tribulations of the Wyoming game warden. Pickett is an every-man. He has a family of three daughters and a loving and understanding wife. Unfortunately, he also has a mother-in-law from hell. As we […]

Savage Run – Novel By C.J. Box

Savage Run   by C.J. Box This is book 2 in the very popular Joe Pickett series about the likeable Wyoming Game Warden, and was first published in 2002. Pickett lives on a federal-owned homestead in the shadow of the Bighorn Mountains with his wife, Mary-Beth and three young daughters. It’s from there that he takes […]

Open Season

Open Season   by C.J. Box This is the first book in the Joe Pickett series. It was published way back in 2001 when Joe was but a young man starting out with Wyoming Game and Fish. In Open Season, we find our favorite game warden investigating the death of a man who is found alongside […]

Off The Grid

Off The Grid   by C.J. Box This is yet another in the Joe Pickett/Nate Romanowski series and is more of the same fare, which is to say, good enough stuff in its own way. In Off The Grid, we find Nate (former Special Ops) still on the run from the Feds, at least that […]

Shots Fired

Shots Fired  by C.J. Box This short story collection is centred upon the US West and Mid-western regions, primarily in the states of Wyoming, Montana and South Dakota, and the people to be found there. C.J. Box is the author of the popular Joe Pickett series, also set in the same area. Pickett appears in […]