Jace Everett – Bad Things (True Blood Theme)

The True Blood TV series, based upon Charlaine Harris’ fantastic books, was a massive hit and for very good reason. It was a sexy, smokey and thrilling piece of entertainment. It also had a fine soundtrack. The theme from the series was written and performed by Jace Everett. The instrumentals, vocals and lyrics blended perfectly […]

Red Eye – Novel By James Lovegrove

Redeye – Redlaw by James Lovegrove John Redlaw is a vampire hunter gone rogue. As a former member of the British government organisation SHADE, he is well trained in the ways of the undead. But a sequence of terrible events, recounted in the first instalment of this series, has left Redlaw disillusioned with the methods […]

Top 10 Hardest Things To Kill In Movies

The movie industry has captivated us for decades with creatures that are difficult to kill. Whether it is alien blobs, supernatural entities or bad acting (as in the case of both Sly Stallone and Arnie the Austrian Tit), we hold our breathes in the hope that the baddies will eventually be dispatched to that great […]

From Dusk Til Dawn – Bar Fight, Part 2

Here is part 2 of one of the most iconic bar brawls in movie history. For Rebel Voice, George Clooney never matched his performance in this classic vampire romp, and Tarantino, never a great actor anyhow, is at his perverse best. Strange that, how Quentin Tarantino is best at playing the part of a sexual […]

Top 10 Most Badass Buffy Moments

Buffy was all that and then some. The teenage vampire slayer from Sunnydale entertained millions as she wrought havoc unto the forces of darkness. She also got the occasional vampire shag too but we’ll overlook her sexual deviancy on account of how many times she saved humanity. The presentation that follows is a look at […]

Top 10 Unforgettable Buffy The Vampire Slayer Moments

She was ditsy, distracted and a typical North American teenager. She was also a tough vampire-slaying legend who saved Sunnydale and the planet more times than we care to remember. We owe the Buffmeister a lot. Buffy was obligatory viewing for teens of the eighties. The boys wanted her (and Faith), and the girls wanted […]

From Dusk Til Dawn – All The Pussy

The vampire flick, From Dusk Til Dawn ranks as one of the best in the genre. It was the highlight – or one of them – in George Clooney’s acting career. It also featured Quentin Tarantino as an all-too-believable sex-crazed, pervert sociopath, and Danny Trejo as a bad-ass barkeep. The following clip shows the best […]

True Blood – Where Are They Now?

Although it has ended, the True Blood franchise still looms large in vampire lore. The series had a great cast with strong plots. The following video takes a look at those who played their part in making True Blood the runaway success that it was and still is in the minds of many. Nosferatu have […]

True Blood Intro Song

This song is taken from the intro to that king of vampire and supernatural shows, True Blood, which showed us an entirely new side, and back and front, to Anna Paquin. The soundtrack is cracking hot and sets the scene for a very sultry and entertaining series which comes highly recommended by Rebel Voice. – […]

Top 10 Movie Vampires

They have thrilled us and chilled us for centuries. But it was their arrival on the silver screen that truly catapulted the undead into our lives. There have been many attempts to portray Nosferatu over the years. From the formal presentation of Christopher Lee’s Dracula to the gore-covered vamps of Blade, directors all have their […]

From Dusk Till Dawn – Snake Dance

This is the famous snake dance, performed by Selma Hayek as she takes on the role of a Vampire Queen in the cult movie, From Dusk Till Dawn. If Ireland had a nightclub like this, with the beautiful Miss Hayek dancing there, then every damned man on the island would be a vamp and no […]