Unionists And Nazis Together Again

You would be forgiven for thinking that Stephen Hawking introduces this short video. However, the tiny village of Feeny has been included on the map of the OSC, so perhaps Hawking is now resident in the Sperrins…

Carson Dominates Stormont Nationalists

This photo shows the statue of Edward Carson, a leader and hero of Unionism. Although Carson was from Dublin and of Scottish stock, he was the first signatory of the ‘Ulster Covenant’ on Sunday 28th September, 1912, which pledged to resist Home Rule by ‘all means necessary’. Carson also created the Ulster Volunteers who are […]

As the Six Counties’ dust settles

So the Irish Occupied Six Counties (OSC) elections are past. The conclusions are drawn and new strategies formulated, the parties working feverishly in putting their spin on the results. The DUP are the biggest losers. They are desperately attempting to hold it together in face of a damning reprimand from within Unionism now tired of […]

Irish Church and State – Wedded In Catholic Corruption

At a time when the common consensus appears to (thankfully) be that society must move on from the sectarian divisions that have ruptured Ireland for centuries, it seems that there are still those who are determined to remain wedded to, if not mired in, the antiquated mind-sets that still aggressively promote a particular theology. Take […]