Red Eye – Novel By James Lovegrove

Redeye – Redlaw by James Lovegrove John Redlaw is a vampire hunter gone rogue. As a former member of the British government organisation SHADE, he is well trained in the ways of the undead. But a sequence of terrible events, recounted in the first instalment of this series, has left Redlaw disillusioned with the methods […]

Top 10 Zombie Apocalypse Survival Tips

It seems that the walking dead are everywhere these days, reality TV, politics, the Tories, Israel, the White House. A culture has grown up around what means could be employed for survival in the event of such an apocalyptic scenario. Let’s hope that life doesn’t imitate art, in this case. – If you enjoyed this, […]

Top 10 Movie Zombies

Love them or loathe them, zombies are everywhere. In your home, school, supermarket, pub and nightclub. There are also many members of the walking dead alongside the zombies too. For those who have a thing for the brain-eating uglies, here is a list of some of the most memorable. A few are tongue-in-cheek, a few […]