Give My Head Peace – Series 6 – Intimidation

As bad as the conflict in the Occupied Six Counties of Ireland was (and is), there was always a dark sense of humour to accompany the violence. Such an approach is a coping mechanism in face of trauma. It often means that local people will laugh at things while others might find such behaviour wholly […]

Rising Sun Massacre – Killers Walk Free

Those who carried out the murders in the Rising Sun bar in County Derry are Torrens Knight, Stephen Irwin and Geoffrey Deeney, all members of the UDA who support the DUP who are now in alliance with the British government. These are 3 names that should never be forgotten by Nationalists and Republicans. Today all […]

Unionism And Israel Together

In this short clip we can see how easily some Unionists feel an affinity with Israel. After all, Israel is a sectarian gerrymander, as is the Occupied Six Counties (OSC). And just as the OSC will cease to exist, so too will the rogue state of Israel.

Orange Logic (A Contradiction In Terms)

Here we have Orange Logic, which is something similar to that which is used by a dopey dog as it spins around and around chasing its own tail, before sitting down and violently licking its own balls.