Top 10 Saddest Deaths In Horror Movies

A sad death in a horror movie? It seems to be a contradictory statement, as horror movies are not renowned for such sentimentality. Think Michael Myers in Halloween, Freddie Krueger in Nightmare on Elm Street, The Wicked Witch of the West in The Wizard of Oz. What? That wasn’t a horror movie you say? Are […]

The Auld Triangle – Luke Kelly And The Dubliners

This song, written by Dicky Shannon for the playwright and revolutionary, Brendan Behan, reflects on the experiences of a prisoner who yearns for freedom. It was first performed in 1954 for the opening of Behan’s play, The Quare Fellow. It has been covered by many artists over the years and is heavily referenced in Stephen […]

Pennywise – Then Or Now, Which Is Best?

This light look at the two versions of the terrifying adaptation of the classic Stephen King novel, IT, compares the two different takes on the psycho clown, Pennywise. Only brave readers should look into this, as Pennywise may enter your dreams. You don’t want Pennywise in your dreams, do you?   Enjoyed this? Why not […]

The Deadlands

Book Review The Deadlands   by Benjamin Percy The author, James Frey, describes this book thus, ‘THE DEADLANDS is gorgeous and haunting and full of heart like some wonderful offspring of The Hobbitt, The Road and Stephen King’s Dark Tower series’. That’s a pretty good appraisal of this book (see Rebel Voice Book Review, The […]

Devil Red

Devil Red   by Joe R Lansdale Well, I did tell you that I was going to read other Lansdale books in quick succession. I have two more to go after Devil Red. This novel is one in the very popular Hap and Leonard series, about two good friends, and tough guys, who can’t seem to […]

Bag of Bones

Bag of Bones  by Stephen King I would not want to live in Stephen’s King’s head. It must surely be one of the most warped places in this universe and any other. If, as some claim, that which we imagine comes into existence somewhere out there, then Stephen King is responsible for more fucked-up parts […]

The Soul Collectors

The Soul Collectors  by Chris Mooney This book is one in a series – no.4 I think – and so I must caution readers that, as with most sequential tomes, it is preferable to start at the beginning to better appreciate the story. I didn’t do that, as I’m new to Chris Mooney and I’m […]