Inca History Via Comic Books – A Cultural War

Cultural imperialism is a very real problem across the globe. Some nations are economically dominant and impose, often unwittingly, their cultural norms upon weaker ones. The First Nations people of the Americas have suffered greatly in this process. Thankfully, there are those who are determined to preserve their unique heritage. In the next presentation, we […]

Aztec Empire – End Of An Era

An intricate culture and civilization brought to heel by the cynicism and skills in war of a European superpower. The descendants of the Aztecs must look back and lament their sorry loss to the march of European feet.

US Empire Interfering In Venezuelan Democratic Elections

The following brief report looks at the conduct of the US Administration and its continuing interference in the political processes in Venezuela. The South American country has vast oil reserves and is therefore a target for some US Capitalist ‘Freedom-makers’. It is nauseating to read how the mouthpieces of the Empire’s ruling elite are prepared […]