Lana Del Rey – Lust For Life

As Madonna prepares to perform in the rogue state of Israel, thus providing cover for the crimes against humanity being carried out there by rabid Zionism, Rebel Voice wishes to acknowledge the refusal by Lana Del Rey to do the same. At a time when Madonna has come under severe criticism for wearing a burka […]

Ralph McTell – First Song [folk]

Here is another timeless classic from one of the best folk-singers of them all. Ralph McTell’s back-catalogue is impressive. Do we see his likes today, or has the era of the folk singer gone to where it sleeps with the blues? If you enjoyed this, please share

Jewel – Down So Long (Pop)

An easy listening track to ease you through your day. Relax, put the dog out, raise your alcoholic beverage and toast the greatness that is Jewel (then let the dog back in and go and clean up the crap that he left all over your neighbour’s garden (whinging bastards). If you enjoyed this, please share

Jewel – You Were Meant For Me [Pop]

Jewel was the bee’s knees in the nineties. Then she married a rodeo star and likely spent her days looking at cows, her nights chewing tobacco and spitting at people. Still, this is a good reminder of how talented a song-writer and performer she was and probably still is. If you enjoyed this, please share

Fred Wedlock – Tights In White Satin

A little risque humour for your entertainment. Wedlock is on form with this ballad laced with sexual innuendo and reference. Don’t let the oldies hear this one. If you enjoyed this, please share

Fred Wedlock – Oldest Swinger In Town (Folk)

This track was a big hit in Ireland during the early eighties. Those were simpler times when men were men and sheep were terrified. Although written by an Englishman for his audience, the lyrics could be applied to men in many of not all nations. The male of our species tends to show the same […]

Jewel – Foolish Games (Pop)

We don’t hear much from the delightful Miss Kilcher any more. That’s a shame as she is very talented with much to offer. She was considered a modern version of Joni Mitchell at one time, so no small compliment. Hopefully she will return to the top where she belongs, and we will all get the […]

Fred Wedlock – The Folker (Folk)

This is a fine satirical take on Simon and Garfunkel’s The Boxer. The lyrics are almost, but not quite, unrecognizable. Fred Wedlock is renowned as a musical humourist with a talent for adopting well known songs to suit his nefariously funny purposes. Rebel Voice will be posting other songs by this performers in the not-too-distant […]

Paul Brady – Nobody Knows (Folk)

Here we have the multi-talented folk singer-songwriter, Paul Brady, as he performs one of his best known tracks in London. Brady has gone off the boil for a good many years now. He can still play a mean guitar though, and the sound of his Lowden is renowned across Ireland. – If you enjoyed this, […]

Irish Folk – Luka Bloom Sings City Of Chicago

Luka Bloom is the less well-known brother of Christy Moore. This is his own song made famous by his big brother. The sound quality is not as good as it could be but Rebel Voice likes the raw edge it gives to the song. The song is a lament of emigration as Irish emigres make […]