Dark In Death – J.D. Robb Thriller

Dark In Death by J.D. Robb The work never ends for Lieutenant Eve Dallas of the New York homicide squad in the year 2061. Although Eve has all she could ever need in terms of wealth and love – being married to Irish billionaire, Roarke – she is still an extremely driven person. Eve’s childhood […]

The Executioner – Novel By Chris Carter

The Executioner by Chris Carter Hi! This review is about a book by Chris Carter. You may remember him from such novels as The Crucifix Killer, The Night Stalker or The Death Sculptor. His stories are all much the same and not meant to be read by children or those interested in high literature. Although […]

In The Moon Of The Red Ponies – James Lee Burke Novel

In The Moon Of The Red Ponies  by James Lee Burke Yes, yes, OK, you’re correct. Rebel Voice didn’t stay away from James Lee for long. It’s an addiction and Rebel Voice is currently attending a clinic for Burke junkies. We sit around and discuss who’s best, Robicheaux or Holland. In this novel, we get […]

No Country For Old Men – Coin Toss Scene

This scene is the perfect portrayal of a psychopath and sociopath as he encounters and scares the bejesus out of a normal man. Javier Bardem is a very fine actor and excels in this role. Rebel Voice believes that he has the deadest eyes of any who ever tried to be seen as a homicidal […]

What The Night Knows – Dean Koontz Novel

What The Night Knows  by Dean Koontz Detective John Calvino is a man haunted by the events of a horrific childhood that he has shared with only his devoted and loving wife, artist painter, Nicolette. When Calvino visits a 14 years old killer, Billy Lucas, in prison, he begins to suspect that there is more […]

One Door Away From Heaven – Novel By Dean Koontz

One Door Away From Heaven  by Dean Koontz This novel is the first in a series featuring Leilani Maddoc, Micky Bellsong and their very own Scooby Doo gang. It should have been called, Ode To A Dog, as ole Deano really demonstrates his excessive affection for our canine friends in this tail (see what I […]

Cimarron Rose – A Novel By James Lee Burke

Cimarron Rose   by James Lee Burke This is the first book in the highly popular Billy Bob Holland series, set in the Texas borderlands in contemporary times. Ole Billy Bob is a defence lawyer, once a public prosecutor, once a Texas Ranger. He has a tendency to carry his Ranger skills and attitudes into his […]

The Dark Half – A Novel By Stephen King

The Dark Half  by Stephen King George Stark. Not a very nice guy. This is the tagline for King’s 1989 classic horror tale about a novelist and his uber-violent alter-ego. We can only hope that the premise of The Dark Half is not entirely auto-biographical. It begins with headaches suffered by 11 years old Thad […]

The Neon Rain – James Lee Burke Novel

The Neon Rain  by James Lee Burke This is book 1 in the Dave Robicheaux series and was first published way back in 1987 when mullets were the rage everywhere but in the hallowed halls of Rebel Voice. In The Neon Rain, we, the dedicated followers of the southern Louisiana police detective, get to meet our […]

Heaven’s Prisoners

Heaven’s Prisoners   by James Lee Burke Regular readers of these book reviews would be forgiven for thinking that Rebel Voice is the love-child of James Lee, such is the proliferation of his novels and the strong praise for them. I would like to assure all readers that this site has no connections to the US […]