British Nationalism Hung Out To Dry By Scots

There are those amongst the British nationalist apologists in Scotland who accuse independence supporters of romanticism, of dealing in distortions of fact, but it’s a fact that there is no proponent of Scottish independence who would ever come out with something as ludicrously batshit as an article which was published this week in a site […] […]

Parcel O’ Rogues – Dick Gahan

This musical rendition of the Robbie Burns poem is as powerful a piece of rebellious music as you will ever have the pleasure of hearing. Although Rebel Voice was of the opinion that the Luke Kelly version could not be bettered, this one by the Glasgow great really tests that belief. Who better to sing […]

Braveheart – Stephen The Irishman

Strangely, when in the US at the time of the movie’s release, Rebel Voice noticed that many US construction workers started to believe that all Irishmen were perhaps as crazy as Stephen, and many Irishmen working there did little to convince them otherwise. There are worse ways to be portrayed, we suppose. – If you […]