The Sun Is Burning – Luke Kelly (Ian Campbell Song)

This haunting song was composed and written by Scottish folk singer, Ian Campbell,¬†and first released in 1963 but made famous by Simon and Garfunkel, who included it on their first album, Wednesday Morning, 3 A.M., one year later. It tells of the horrors of a nuclear blast and was written at a time when the […]

Dick Gaughan – The Father’s Song

Dick Gaughan is not only a Scottish folk hero, he’s a global folk sensation. His performances will send shivers of the best kind down your spine. The lyrics to his songs speak of everyday trials and dreams. The Father’s Song is a beautiful critique of the world as it really is. This is a true […]

Scottish Folk – Amy McDonald Sings This Is The Life

This is a great track from the Scottish singer-songwriter that should have resonance for many who hear it. It speaks of the struggle to find your place in an increasingly complex and pressurized life. How many among you have drank too much alcohol hoping for the good times that never seem to arrive? How many […]