Space Exploration Top 10

Here is a perhaps questionable list of the top 10 achievements in space exploration. The vid is from the US and of course the number 1 achievement is credited to that nation. Guess which one it is? In any event, it is still an interesting insight to what our species has managed to succeed in. […]

25 Recent Space Discoveries – What Do We Know?

Have a look at this list of what has been discovered about the cosmos. It’s not in-depth. It’s not complete. It is informative to a point. It might intrigue you enough to have you rushing out to buy a copy of Aliens and a tin foil hat. Note how the presenter is able to state […]

Dark Eden

Dark Eden   by Chris Beckett This is a gem, a true gem. Set in an accidental colony on a distant planet that the first people named Eden, the author has managed to create an original setting that is quirky, intriguing and strangely plausible. Angela (Gela) and Tommy were stranded on an alien world where the […]