GoPro Best Of 2018 – Action Like You’ve Never Seen It Before

The advent of the GoPro cameras has opened up an entirely new world to us all. Before this technology came along, we could only stand and gaze in awe at those who engaged in extreme sports. Today, we can join them as they throw themselves around and thumb their noses at death. Whether it’s skydiving, […]

Joe Rogan Meets Alex Honnold, World’s Greatest Free Climber

Alex Honnold is the greatest Free Climber on the planet, bar none. His exploits in tackling the toughest ascents are legendary. His focus, drive and determination speak of a person with preternatural capabilities. If he makes one slip, places one wrong foot during a climb, he dies. It’s that basic. Yet he not only survives, […]

Antarctica – First Ascent Of Bertha’s Tower

If you enjoy climbing, extreme sports or beautiful scenery, then this is the article for you. Antarctica is the least explored continent on our world. And for very good reason. It is incredibly inhospitable, much as a Trump rally is for someone with both conscience and brain. Occasionally, intrepid individuals venture to the base of […]

Rock Climbing On El Capitan – Emily Harrington

Here we can see that extreme sports such as rock climbing are not just for those with testicles, they’re for all those who have balls. In this vid we meet Emily Harrington, a renowned climber who tackles the Golden Gate over the course of six days and nights. The action is breath-taking. – If you […]

Dangerous Climbs – Free Solo – Alex Honnold

This short piece is about the sport of free solo rock climbing. In this extreme activity, climbers scale the highest and most difficult rock faces without the aid of ropes or any other assistance. They could be thousands of feet above the ground with no safety net. Failure on such climbs means certain death. Alex […]