Ricky Bobby Family Dinner – Kids Go Apeshit At Chip

This movie has many memorable scenes, but this one must surely rank as the best. There’s just something so inappropriate about young children speaking this way to their grandfather. It’s funny to watch on the screen but not so amusing if seen in reality. Bet there are a few parents out there who would think […]

O Brother, Where Art Thou? – Constant Sorrow

This is a clip from the George Clooney movie, O Brother, Where Art Thou?, which was a retelling of the Greek classic The Odyssey. Clooney demonstrates his versatility in this performance. It’s also got a great theme track. You gotta love dem Soggy Bottom Boys! Enjoyed this? Please share

In search of racism and racists

Lately, Rebel Voice had cause to give thought to the wider topic of racism – what it is and where it is to be found. Observers will have noticed the recent increase in both Islamophobic and racist sentiment in western nations, particularly the US. Thoughtless fools, such as Trump, spew out careless statements with little […]